Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin A) commonly referred to as “Botox” are used to reduce overactive muscle movement which can cause deep frown lines and worry lines across the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes in both men and women. This treatment will not dramatically change your facial appearance, but reducing wrinkles will result in a smoother, rejuvenated appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to help reduce excess sweating, medically known as Hyperhidrosis and recently has been proven to help migraine.

These injections are performed ONLY by Dr Sally-Ann Dolan or Dr Ian R Jones.



Treatment Summary
Procedure Time

30 mins

Recovery Time

1 – 2 hours

Risks & Complications

Possible minor bruising, infection, ptosis (drooping brow)

Return To Work



2- 4 days, maximum effect 2 weeks


Non required

Duration Of Results

3-4 months


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Botox”?

Botulinum Toxin A, which temporarily relaxes muscles by blocking neurotransmission. This has many uses in both the medical and aesthetic field. Medical applications include the treatment of migraine, blepharospasm and facial trauma to reduce scarring.

What areas can benefit from “Botox”?

The upper face, which includes treating the forehead (frontalis), between the eyes (glabella) sides of the eyes (crows feet). The lower face which includes peri-oral lines (smokers lines), gummy smile, sad mouth corners, dimpled chin, nefertiti lift. Botulinum Toxin A can also be used to switch off the sweat glands , especially in the armpits, hence treats excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

What does the procedure involve?

The Botulinum Toxin is injected using a very fine needle which is as thin as a strand of hair. There is no necessity to use analgesia prior to the procedure as the injections cause mild and very transient discomfort.

When will it start to work?

The effect of the treatment will begin to work within 2 – 4 days and reach maximum effect usually within 2 weeks.

How long will the effect last?

The effects can last up to approximately 4 months. Regular treatments can result in the effect lasting longer.

Do you offer follow up visits?

We offer every client a follow up appointment scheduled for 2 weeks after treatment. If further treatment is considered appropriate, this will be provided free of charge.