Lucy Worthington

Lucy Worthington

Lucy left school with the desire to develop a career in beauty and having achieved level 3 in beauty she was keen to develop her managerial skills and soon achieved NVQ level 3.

Lucy joined SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa after having spent a number of years in a well known national company specialising in skin care and lasers. There she gained considerable knowledge and she has certainly showcased her ability and competence since having joined the SDS team. She has gained considerable “admiration” from her colleagues, and most importantly from her clients who have benefited from her advice and bespoke skin care ranges for their individual needs and concerns.

Lucy is also competent and experienced using the laser and within weeks of joining she was instrumental together with Harriet and Trina in expanding the range of treatments available.

Now in SDS laser peels and various depths of laser face lifts are popular treatments that are in high demand.

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