Days after receiving the news that we had made it through to the final for Best Clinic North England, Sally & Ian had been informed they had also been finalists in Wirral Life Awards 2018 in Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year and Health and Beauty of the Year categories!
Wirral Life Awards 2018
Double celebrations for Team SDS!!

Aesthetic awards finalist
We did it! We are finalists in the prestigious Aesthetics Awards 2018!!!
Sally and Ian want to congratulate the SDS Team. We are so delighted that all of our hard work has paid off this year and we are over the moon to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the Prestigious Aesthetics Awards 2018 for ….

The Best Aesthetic Clinic North England!!

We want to thank all of our loyal clients and patients who have allowed us to reach these dazzling heights!

We’re now officially part of Heswall!
Thursday 8th March was a fantastic night! A warm and welcoming reception area was filled to the brim with guests. The fizz flowed courtesy of Howie and his very lovely wife Sally, The Wro bar, whilst the saxophonist set the mood with his easy listening jazz.
A great way to show how fabulous our clinic is, and I’m sure you all agree….
Please keep following our social media pages for further events to be held.

Our new Heswall clinic is to Open Tuesday 13th February 2018! We will keep you posted regards special offers and opening times.
Clinic launch is 8th March 2018. Please email to add your name to our mailing list.

News letter 2017

2016 – what an amazing year!  It culminated in SDS Rejuvenate being relaunched as SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa in October as we completed the extensive expansion and refurbishment of our West Kirby clinic. The ensuing two months saw a huge increase in  new clients walking through the door and an expansion of both the aesthetic and beauty treatments we could offer as we enjoyed our new and spacious clinic and spa facilities. This also resulted in us investing in new technology and state of the art equipment.

So, what is the plan for 2017?
Well, obviously, more of the same, but we will and already have developed our range of both aesthetic and beauty treatments available. We will endeavour to keep up with all new advances in our field and will be attending many of the U.K. and European conferences scheduled through the year in order to offer our clients the best and up to date treatments available.
PlexR is a revolutionary treatment which we have already introduced to our clinic. This is often referred to as soft surgery, the alternative to actual surgery. PlexR is an amazing treatment for the eye area where we can perform the equivalent of a blepharoplasty. The treatment is relatively pain free ,there is less downtime than with surgery, it is half the price and has comparable results.

We have also introduced Dermalux and already clients love this new treatment, be it a standalone treatment, a course of treatments or added on to others such as microneedling or skin peels to reduce down time.
Light therapy has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Pulses of light on the skin repair damaged cells and promote collagen production. Dermalux is one of the latest generation models for LED phototherapy, transmitting specific wavelengths of light energy into the deepest layers of the skin to trigger the bodies natural  cell processes into accelerating rejuvenation  and repair.
Clients report it to be pain free, non-invasive and relaxing. Daily mail online report this treatment “can boost serotonin levels, ‘the hormone responsible for happiness It could become a natural alternative to Prozac”, you can see why clients love it!!

Harriet and Shelby continue to add to their repertoire of beauty treatments. Over the Christmas and New Year period it  became almost impossible to find a free slot to book in for a “lash lift”. I know because I tried on several occasions!!
This treatment results in the lash lifting straight from the root and fanning upwards making the eye look open and bigger. The result is stunning and lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Used in conjunction with our eyelash serum Xtralash the result is superior and so much kinder than regularly applying false eyelashes.

The winter months are perfect for laser treatment and we have extended our protocols for facial rejuvenation. Laser technology is perhaps the biggest advancement in skin treatments. Having once been considered harsh and invasive, modern lasers such as ours in clinic, the Fotona laser  can now treat an extensive range of skin complaints ranging from reduction of wrinkle and fine lines, to thread veins and hyper pigmentation with minimal pain inflicted or lengthy recovery periods required.

The 4D laser treatment is certainly worth booking in for. This is an impressive treatment with amazing results and after a course of three treatments each a month apart  your skin looks toned and lifted and is more resilient. It bounces back quickly when pinched, a sure sign that there has been production of new collagen and elastin.

So, in summary we are excited with the opportunities that lie ahead in 2017.
We will be delighted to welcome new clients  through our door and will continue to offer our current and new services to our existing clients. We will regularly ask you, when you visit our clinic ,to complete our patient survey, to ensure that all that we currently offer is to your satisfaction  but also to learn of any new treatments or services you would like to see offered in house in the ensuing year. Most importantly we wish to learn of any criticisms or concerns you may have so that we can address these issues and put things right

With this plan of action we hope we will endeavour to develop and prosper throughout 2017 and in 12 months time we will be able to reflect and say ” Yes 2017 was even better than 2016 ” ….Now that would be a great achievement, and one I believe is possible especially with the enthusiasm we all share within the SDS Rejuvenate team !

Happy new year from Sally and Ian and all the team at SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa!!!


SDS Rejuvenate on the Wirral saw a huge expansion programme this year as the property adjacent to our existing clinic on Banks Road, West Kirby became available. The property was in a VERY poor condition and posed an enormous challenge, (one we almost discarded). However with the support and guidance from our local builder Howie  (renowned in West Kirby nor first and foremost for his building expertise, but for the Wro Bar which he owns and runs with his wife … A great combination it has proven to be!!!), we embarked on  an ambitious action packed 24 week project. Howie with his fantastic team of tradesman transformed a damp cold dark dismal array of irregular rooms and cupboards into the clinic only until then I had had in my wildest dreams! Still today, the clinic now completed, Ian, my husband still cannot comprehend how Howie was able to interpret my plethora of ideas and images that I attempted to describe and on occasions, draw!! Howie still has my amateur sketches in his file!
Most people are relieved when the team of builders leave, but not us! It was almost with a heavy heart when they removed all their gear and handed back our spare keys. It had been a pleasure working with Howie and his team.
We could not wait to “move in ” and reshuffle our equipment into purpose built rooms and show case our products in contemporary and clique mirrored display areas . The unveiling of our reception light and lighting system was met with much excitement and sounds of approval!
Our delight with the new clinic, re-launched as “SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa” was mirrored by that of our clients. We were delighted to show them around and to listen to their words of approval and amazement as they viewed our new aesthetic clinic rooms, a specially designed laser room, new spa facilities, spray tan room and relaxation areas…..and more!
We had little time to breathe before our ” launch night”. Again with the never ending support from Howie and his team (this time the team was Sally, his wife and their team from the Wro) the night was planned to perfection.
This was a night never to be forgotten. We, the team, were joined by family, friends, colleagues, local businesses, clients and patients. All enjoyed canapés and champagne whilst listening to a local saxophonist as they arrived then to be serenaded  later in the evening by Michael Buble (Jordan Paul Rhys). I can honestly say I was SO proud that night as we said our heart felt thank you’s  and I looked out to our “audience”, proud of SDS rejuvenate MediSpa and all who belong and have contributed to our dream.
The evening had to come to a close but the next day we returned with unrivalled enthusiasm to work in our new facilities and that’s where and how we continue to work to this day. We are already planning our next venture and new treatments that we can now offer on our expanded clinic . PlexR and Dermalux are two new treatments we now offer and details of these can be found on our website or simply call the clinic.
Dr Sally xx


Dermalux Launch!

We have a brand new treatment in clinic which we would love to share with you! We are holding a launch party and you are invited to come along and see why this treatment is for you!

Multi Award winning Dermalux® is the latest generation in LED Phototherapy combining clinically proven wavelengths of light delivered at safe, therapeutic doses to naturally stimulate skin rejuvenation and resolve problem skin conditions for the face and body.

Dermalux® systems ensure ‘optimised’ penetration of light into the skin to energise cellular functions with excellent results for skin rejuvenation, acne and spot prone skin, pigmentation and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Effective treatments for a range of skin conditions including:

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Acne & spot prone skin
• Rosacea, redness & flushing
• Pigmentation
• Dehydrated skin
• Inflammatory conditions
• Accelerated healing
• Wellbeing
Please email or call us on 0151 625 8080 to add your name to the guest list!

Work has now finished! We cannot thank our clients enough for putting up with the disruption over the past few months. If you’re wondering how it all looks, please pop in, we will gladly give you a guided tour!

We held an open evening on 20th October 2016 which was fantastic! We raised nearly £700 for Cash For Kids charity as we raffled off many prizes that were donated by ourselves and local businesses.



WhatClinic Award 2016

We have been awarded WhatClinic customer service award 2016! Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without your help! We will continue to strive for excellence within our clinics.


Lauren Simon SDS Rejuvenate

Lauren Simon chooses SDS Rejuvenate!

Eagle eyed viewers of The Real Housewives of Cheshire will have noticed one of the stars, Lauren Simon, pop in for a treatment at our stunning West Kirby clinic last Monday.

Flamed haired beauty Lauren, came to SDS Rejuvenate after hearing about the fantastic results we have achieved with our 3d-LipoMed machine and wanted to try it for herself.

The star of ITVBe series opted for the body contouring treatment on her stomach and brought her on screen pal Ampika Pinkston and a TV crew with her, to film the session on the hit show.

Our own resident real housewife and flying Dr. Sally-Ann Dolan was on hand to treat Lauren. After a detailed consultation with Lauren, Dr. Sally discovered she was unhappy with the pockets of fat around the tummy area and was prescribed a cryolipolysis and a course of cavitation (ultrasound) for that area. This treatment is also very effective for hips, bingo wings, inner thighs and muffin tops.

Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells, which are then gradually removed by the body, naturally over a period of 2 – 3 months leaving a more toned and contoured body. This process removes these fat cells PERMANENTLY and can be equated to Liposuction – but obviously without the pain, the down time and the high  price tag.

Lauren was a fantastic client, laughing and gossiping all the way through the therapy, which just goes to show how painless and comfortable she was throughout the 60 minutes treatment time. If you don’t believe us watch the episode for yourself!

If you would like any more details on Lauren’s treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of friendly, expert staff who will be happy to answer all your questions.


Rodney Street Launch

We had a great night at our Rodney Street Launch. We had the pleasure of meeting many celebrity guests as well as our usual client attendance.

We got a mention on BayTv & an article in the Liverpool Echo newspaper!

Celebs at Launch!

Celebs at Launch!

Amongst the celebs we had a blogger attend the evening, here’s her thoughts …

A good night was had by all, with lots of happy guests and clients!

Doctor Blog – Dr Sally

I am sure you are all delighted those long dark nights of winter are finally behind us and we can look forward tot he summer and our summer holidays.
It is time to rid ourselves of the winter build up of dried, tired skin and to reveal soft, hydrated glowing skin in readiness for the long hazy days of summer.

How can we help you? – Well it’s all down to exfoliation and hydration, the emphasis being on HYDRATION, because well hydrated skin looks less lined and plump and youthful.

How do you assess skin hydration? – It’s easy. Not only can you see in the mirror the dull, lustreless skin, but you can demonstrate it for yourself. Try pinching, using your thumb and forefinger, the skin under your eyes, then let go. this is the ‘snap test’. The speed in which skin snaps back reveals how healthy and hydrated your skin is. Fast snap back indicates well hydrated skin and delayed snap back means – read on….

What do I need to do? – Just 3 simple steps –

Step 1 – Exfoliation removes the dead lustreless top layers of the skin. If we apply our usual ‘lotions and potions’ to this dead layer, we simply coat them and any active ingredients fail to reach the important basal layers. If we remove this layer by exfoliation we encourage new cell growth and the moisturisers we subsequently apply, can penetrate down into the all important basal layer.
One should exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week and a perfect treatment is our #DermaQuest Algae Polishing Scrub.

Step 2 – Apply an antioxidant cream. Topical antioxidants are becoming increasingly popular in the aesthetic world as research reveals how our environment is becoming more ‘toxic’ and polluted, with its free radical, it is causing permanent ageing, increased pigmentation and DNA damage. Applying an antioxidant topical cream gives your skin a fighting chance to repair and regenerate as the antioxidant blends scavenge free radicals whilst tightening and evening skin.
We offer in our clinics #DermaQuest C Infusion range

Step 3 – Hyaluronic Acid, your daily drink of ‘H20’.
hyaluronic acid is SO important. As we age we lose hyaluronic acid for our skin and this results in fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced elasticity.
Many products, sold over the counter, claim to contain HA; however it is formulation that is so important, a carrier agent is paramount to ensure that HA reached the necessary depth of the skin.

We offer B5 hydrating serum in our #DermaQuest range. This is a lightweight hydrating serum  that delivers immediate luminous moisture. Through liposome technology the serum actually penetrates the skins many layers. It contains 40% HA!

We also offer the top of the range Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm serum. This will drench your skin in a cascade of moisture with a hydrating serum, which is bursting with botanical stem cells. This serum combines HA and powerful peptides to replenish and keep dry skin at bay. This will set you back at £220 – but its worth it!

These simple steps can all be incorporated simply and easily into your daily routine.

However if you really wish for a boost to get you started, why not come into clinic and consider one of our in house treatments.

Hydrating Facial – This deluxe facial uses a combination of the products mentioned above, with added extras leaving you feeling refreshed and revived, with skin guaranteed to be glowing

C.I.T with Mesotherapy – This fabulous treatment can be combined with B5 hydrating serum. The serum is applied to the skin between two ‘layers of C.I.T.’ The serum seeps down to the lower layers of the skin via the micro channels produced by the INNOPen.

Skin Boosting – This involves injecting HA directly into the skin, a very intense targeted treatment with guaranteed dramatic improvement in the skins hydration level.


I hope this boosts not only your skin, but boosts your enthusiasm for the spring and summer months ahead.

Any further questions please call our clinics or email us.

We look forward to seeing you in clinic soon!

Dr Sally x


Dr Sally-Ann3D-LIPO TEAM

A very enjoyable, educational and sociable weekend spent in London. We attended the inaugural ‘Aesthetic Medicine Live’ conference and exhibition at the Olympia conference centre in London.

There was an impressive line up of leading experts in the aesthetic field and a structured programme of lectures available to attend. The exhibition hall was packed with companies displaying their products and equipment and innovative technologies.

I was like a little child in a sweet shop – so much temptation! Yes, I did succumb to temptation and yes, our list of available treatments is set to expand… watch this space!

There is much debate and research on nutritional supplementation, IV vitamin Infusion treatments & oral supplements. One company caught my eye, Skinade and I was fortunate to meet the CEO, together with his team. Skinade offer “better skin from within” and advocate drinking your way to a healthier and younger looking skin.

Skinade is the only liquid food supplement recommended by dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons and I was offered white papers which confirm this! I was so impressed with the information provided that we have agreed to be official providers of this product and now have Skinade available to purchase from our clinics. What better way to test it but to try it, I have embarked on a 30 day trial, having promised to take photos on day 1, 10, 20 and 30 and send the photos back to the company. Here goes!

We also enjoyed meeting up with our 3D-Lipomed team and enjoyed a post exhibition drink with them. We purchased 2 more eye probes for our machines in Jersey and Rodney street, having been delighted by the response to our RF Eye Lift treatment that we have been performing in West Kirby, so all of our clinics now can offer this fabulous treatment.

Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

We have had the pleasure of treating Lauren Simon in clinics. After having just 1 cavitation she could fit into her jeans a size smaller!


As published in ‘Aesthetic Medicine’ Magazine March 2015 ; 3D-Lipo celebrity following grows.

Celebrities have been coming out in force to show off the results they have achieved with 3D-Lipo. Stars including Amy Childs, Gemma Collins & Patsy Kensit are the latest fans of the non invasive body contouring procedure. Childs who is a trained beauty therapist commented “I’ve been working with 3D-Lipo and have had a number of treatments to a variety of areas, I’ve actually dropped an entire dress size! The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering, which is perfect”!

Reviv Launch Party 05.03.15

Dr Sally-Ann & Dr Ian had the chance to attend the launch of the highly anticipated IV Hydration treatments in Cheshire.

Intravenous (IV) hydration and nutrient therapy have been used in mainstream medicine for over 50 years. The relative ease of administration and effectiveness versus alternative oral therapy makes this the clinical gold standard in resuscitation and supplementation. Until recently, therapies as such were always dictated by medical professionals and administered in a clinical setting. The treatments were also traditionally prescribed to treat a particular ailment although it is becoming increasing popular for clients to receive them as elective treatments for wellness and health maintenance.

Unfortunately this elective treatment has been unfairly tainted as an IV hangover cure and widely publicized by the media due to its controversial application. IV hangover treatments and services have been popping up in cities such as Las Vegas, New York, London, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and virtually every major city. And while IV treatments undoubtedly are effective with rehydrating hungover patients, there are various other useful applications which are very beneficial to the general public but often under recognized.

Dr Sally & Dr Ian put it to the test…

IV Hydration

IV Treatments typically take from 29 to 45 minutes to administer, whilst energy Booster Shots typically take 10 seconds to administer. (They even got to meet a few celebs on the night!)

Dr Ian Dr Sally


Organo Gold, Healthy tea, coffee and hot chocolate – On Sale in all of our clinics

What makes these drinks so healthy? They all contain 100% certified organic Ganoderma.

By adding Ganoderma into the range, Organo are introducing and extending the health benefits of the most popular western drinks!

Ganoderma is a herb that has been recognised in China for over 4000 years for its health benefits. It is also one of the most powerful natural antioxidants which is why it can benefit a wide range of health conditions. Antioxidants are well established as helping to enhance the immune system by preserving the mitochondria in cells, which affect 94% of human energy.

* Anti-ageing properties

* Promotes weight loss

* Fights Cancer

* Strengthens immune system

* Improves heart and sexual health

* For sport and exercise

* Latte

* Black Coffee

* Café Mocha

* Hot Chocolate

* Green Tea

* Red Tea

* Black Ice Tea

Call us today to make the change!!


‘Study Finds Repeated Botox use to be safe’ – Article from Dec/Jan issue of Body Language

At the 2014 American Society for Dermatology Surgery (ASDS) Annual Meeting, a new study by ASDA member Alistair Carruthers of Carruthers Derm Centre in Vancouver, was presented, concluding that using Botox to treat facial wrinkles over a prolonged period of time is safe and still effective. Also maintains that Botox is safe to use alongside other aesthetic treatments and that long term patients are satisfied with the results.

Carruthers says “self-perception of age is a very simple way of judging results, we found that the longer patients were treated, the younger they perceived themselves to look”.

Seeking an expert for wrinkle relaxing cosmetic medical procedures is still incredibly important. “We say in our office, ‘shop for your shoes, not your face.’ This is where you live”, says Carruthers. Botox has always had a number of medical uses and is now being used to treat conditions such as depression. “Botox keeps getting more and more interesting,” Carruthers says.

SDS REJUVENATE – 3D LIPO – Elissa Corrigan

If you are like me, you go to the gym, you’re careful about what you eat, you don’t overindulge too much but you like the odd binge drink and carbfest at the weekend, right? You’re good with your exercise and food regime 80% of the time but yet you still can’t get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat? Then listen up while I tell you about 3D-LIPO.

Like any woman with a pulse, I’m always searching for a quick weight-loss fix. Cue my PT “No quick fixes. Train hard. Eat clean. Stop drinking.” Yeah, yeah whatever.

My Achilles heel, is my muffin top or ‘flanks’ as the experts say. No matter how much weight I lose, those two areas are always there, reminding me that I’ll never be a Victoria’s Secret model. Sly if you ask me.

So when SDS Rejuvenate invited me along to try out their new fat blasting 3D-lipo machine that promised to banish my jeans overspill, it was like music to my ears.

At first I was sceptical, I’ve had Zeltiq in the past, which is a similar fat freezing hoover and it did sweet FA. I hoped and prayed this wouldn’t be the case with 3D-lipo and since there is literally no risk involved, I was willing to take a chance.

(Before I continue, don’t be fooled by the name ‘3D- lipo’ – this is not surgery. I repeat NOT surgery. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to defend this treatment on my Twitter to people who can’t be bothered to Google. I agree the title ‘lipo’ is misleading, but believe me when I say this is no more harmful than sucking your flab into a Dyson. An advocate of surgery, I am not.)

I attended SDS Rejuvenate’s West Kirkby clinic which is run by two experienced, professional and enormously friendly doctors Dr. Sally-Ann Dolan and Dr. Ian R Jones. They gave me the low down on the treatment and explained realistically what I could expect my results to be– which was refreshing. This is not the type of place that will promise you amazing outcomes just to get you to part with your cash.

I won’t bore you with the technique too much, (because, let’s be honest, really all you care about is how much fat is gone) but in layman’s terms, your chosen area is sucked into a vacuum type machine, the fat cells are cooled to -6, causing them to crystalise and be destroyed, before being passed out naturally by your body. No down time. No scars. No pain. No fuss. Sounds pretty magic doesn’t it? Well it really is.

I went along with a ‘prove me wrong’ attitude and believed this was just another machine praying on women’s low self-esteem, designed to drain them of their hard earned cash for virtually no results. However, I’m pleased to say I was wrong.

The only downside is, the results take time to manifest. Around two-three months after your treatment, so don’t be expecting to slip into your too-tight skinny jeans the next day. But all good things come to those who wait.

After three months of patience, I took another photo of my muffin top and was over the moon to see how well this treatment had worked. You can see the results for yourself, so there’s no cheating and at last measure, I was three inches smaller!


SDS Rejuvenate are one of the leading clinics to offer this treatment. For more information and prices Call 0151 707 3577 Liverpool or 0151 625 8080 West Kirby.

Follow @SDSrejuvenate on Twitter.


Wirral Business Awards 2014!

Wirral Business Awards 2014!

SDS Rejuvenate were proud to attend the Wirral Business Awards 2014 on Friday 26th September. Here is a short film, that we had fun making, all about us!