Teenage Acne


School, dating, social issues – things are difficult enough for teenagers. When you add pimples, inflammation, and skin issues to the mix, things can get overwhelming. Searching for the best acne treatment may be a difficult, lengthy process for all adolescents, but acne problems pose a unique problem for teenagers looking for a quick solution to clear skin.  Acne is embarrassing for adolescents. Whilst girls frequently discuss the overwhelming distress they face during acne breakouts, boys are more inclined to suffer in silence. Coping with and treating acne can be particularly difficult for both sexes, that’s why we offer free acne treatment advice.

What acne treatment solutions do we provide for teenagers at SDS Rejuvenate? Most of the acne treatment solutions will contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or both. Benzoyl peroxide can treat acne by killing bacteria that grow inside the skin pores and lead to pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and inflammation. Salicylic acid is a bit milder than benzoyl peroxide, and it is an effective acne treatment due to its ability to unclog pores that trap oil and bacteria beneath the surface of the skin and we then combine them with a moisturiser than can keep the skin hydrated, smooth, and free of inflammation.


The key product in the range is BiRetix Duo gel, a powerhouse of advanced technologies that tackle spots at every stage of their development:

  • A unique combination of vitamin A ingredients help to clear pores and clarify the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of comedones that can lead to spots.
  • A sophisticated botanical complex that’s clinically proven to fight P.acnes; the bacteria that leads to spots.
  • Salicylic acid; clinically proven to purify skin and help to reduce redness.

The range also includes the treatment enhancing BiRetix Micropeel,  Mask and Cleanser to create an effective, rounded regime:

  • BiRetix Micropeel: A clarifying and exfoliating cleanser containing a combination of willow bark extract and physical botanical exfoliants to help clear pores and stimulate cell renewal leaving the skin feeling soft, soothed and refreshed.
  • BiRetix Mask: A soothing clay mask rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and containing RetinSphere Technology to further clarify skin, control sebum and reduce shine.
  • BiRetix Cleanser: A gentle daily cleansing gel with natural moisturisers and anti-redness ingredients that leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.


The DermaClear Collection was formulated to combat the many stages and types of acne. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or simply need to correct a spot now and then, we offer a variety of products blended to prevent, quell and alleviate the myriad symptoms of acne.

Dermalux LED:

Dermalux LED phototherapy reproduces the same properties of sunlight without the sun’s harmful UV light – clinically proven to kill acne bacteria. It’s therefore safe for use in the treatment of acne on even the most sensitive skin. When acne bacteria appears as acne spots, porphyrins are produced which absorb blue light energy, providing antibacterial benefits. It is suitable for all skin types including darker skins, teenage skin and stubborn cystic acne. It’s an effective alternative if your skin does not respond to other acne treatments, medicated acne creams or has become antibiotic resistant.

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