You may ask, if SDS is so good, why I’ve kept this review anonymous. It’s not that I’m ashamed that I’ve had “cosmetic” work done, but that I’m ashamed that my body needed it!

 I first came across SDS Rejuvenate after years, and I mean years, of research.

I’ve been unhappy with my body for as long as I can remember and have tried every diet (I once didn’t eat a single morsel for 2 whole weeks)/regime (Cabbage Soup diet)/trick (Spanx and piece of string around my waist to remind me not to breathe out)/potion and lotion (name any) known to man.

 Some may have had short term benefits but nothing really worked. I particularly hate my legs and have lusted after a thigh gap for years, well before they became trendy!

 Having been a complete gym bunny and  hot yoga freak for the last 3 years, whilst watching what I eat, there was still this layer of dimply fat on the front of my thighs that no amount of exercise would shift. Rendering me to tears of frustration on many occasions and the sigh of “why do I bother?”  Lipo, I decided, was my only answer.

 So after avidly watching Lift Me, Stitch Me, I duly booked in to see the main man himself in London last November for a consultation.

Once the appointment had been made I then started to worry about the surgery aspect and all of the horror stories you hear of it going wrong. What if I had the Lipo and it didn’t work or looked worse etc.

 I then came across an article about a celeb who’d had 3D Lipo with really good results, so off I went to research and thus found SDS.

 The main reason I liked the sound of SDS Rejuvenate is that I would have a one to one consultation with a qualified doctor, who would go through the why’s and the wherefores, it wasn’t surgical, it was permanent and the consultation, unlike many others, was free. Now don’t get me wrong, by this time in my quest money wasn’t the most important factor, but I thought if they were prepared to spend their time FOC then they must really believe in the system, so I booked an appointment.

 Sally and Marie were lovely making me feel completely at ease, stripping off in front of strangers to bear the worst bits of your body is no mean feat!

 They went through the possible procedure’s that would address the things I was concerned about, namely cellulite and that jiggly little bit of fat between the top of your thighs and gave me a realistic prognosis of what I could expect, with no pressure to book. I have to say after years of looking for something it ticked all of my boxes, so I booked immediately for Cavitation, Fat Freezing and Skin Tightening. I tell you, I’ve never been so excited for something to start.

 That was back in October and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results from the Cavitation and Skin Tightening, the Fat Freezing is still working it’s magic.

 The front of my thighs are now smooth and genuinely look as if they get hammered in the gym and  hot yoga and I now can’t wait for my next holiday to bear my new legs.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


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