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Mr Ali Juma Joins SDS!

Mr Ali Juma Joins SDS!

Doctors Sally and Ian have known Dr Ali Juma as both a colleague and a friend for many years and it is a pleasure to welcome him as he joins forces with the team at SDS Rejuvenate.

It is a well-known and proven fact that non-surgical aesthetics is on the increase with demand for treatment such as dermal fillers, body contouring and skin tightening rising exponentially, whilst there is a perception that the number of procedures performed surgically by cosmetic surgeons has apparently been declining over the last two years.  This latter statement is not however accurate.  An annual audit conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons  (BAAPS) reports that the number of treatments carried out in 2018 has seen a tiny increase of 0.1% compared to 2017. 

Mr Juma quotes, “I would postulate that the very small increase in cosmetic surgery figures is multi-factorial.  The report shows a very small increase against a difficult and uncertain economy, particularly with the ambiguity around Brexit as well as competition from independent companies and overseas providers.  However, I believe that BAAPS members have managed to buck the trend and maintain the share of a difficult market by being able and visible to those seeking their expertise to achieve a highest of outcomes.  All of this has been achieved against a tough economy and strong competition with much bigger spending power.” 

The three Doctors, Sally, Ian and Ali agree that the gap between non-surgical and surgical treatments is now closer than ever and agree that this is one of the many ways that the industry is evolving.

Whilst non-surgical treatments such as fillers and skin tightening can be appropriate and produce the desired effect, it is important to note that once there is extensive loose skin, only surgery is likely to make a significant long-term improvement and hence a referral to a plastic surgeon is necessary.

Working in teams both Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Doctors working together in harmony is a good way forward. As doctors Sally & Ian work in conjunction with Ali we believe this new service will offer any potential patients the opportunity to undergo the most advanced treatments in order to achieve the best outcome for the ultimate natural look in a safe environment in the hands pf expert practitioners.

Ali Juma quotes, “As a Plastic Surgeon 17-years of experience has given me an in-depth insight that aesthetic facial treatments and cosmetic surgery are both powerful tools to achieve the best cosmetic outcomes for my patients.  This philosophy can also be applied in other anatomical sites of the body, where surgical and non-surgical treatments can be adjunctive to each other, achieving excellent outcomes in body contouring.  As a result, I have joined Dr Sally and Dr Ian with their excellent team at SDS Rejuvenate in the Wirral, prestigious locations in West Kirby and Heswall, offering consultation clinics.  I am looking forward to this very exciting time of working together achieving excellence at the highest level of safety and governance.”

Mr Juma will be holding regular Wednesday clinics in both West Kirby and Heswall and appointments for consultation can be booked by contacting the clinics on 0151-625 8080 and 0151-348 4878.