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New To SDS – Dermaconsult

New to SDS – Dermaconsult

This clinic is performed exclusively by Dr Henry Aldwinckle, who already works closely with Dr Ian Jones and Dr Sally-Ann Dolan. Dr Aldwinckle has extensive experience in skin conditions and skin health holding a Diploma in Dermatology.  This service is for anyone who has concerns that one of their moles has grown or changed in appearance, or they have developed a new mole.

Why should you attend this clinic?

This service offers early detection of moles that have the potential to develop into skin cancer. This is important as early intervention can improve prognosis and outcome and potentially offer a complete cure.

You will be educated by the doctor how to check your skin and highlight areas often missed, not only giving you peace of mind but will allow you to become more aware of changes in pre-existing moles that should alert you to seek advice.

It is particularly important for people to attend if they are at high risk of skin cancer. Those at high risk include having in excess of 50 moles, or a family history of melanoma, high UV exposure especially in childhood, have lived in a hot sunny country or have a history of blistering sunburn.

Long term monitoring is recommended. The NICE guidelines recommend “having your moles checked by an expert every 6 months, (3 months if you have a history of having had a mole removal).

What will the appointment entail?

On arrival you will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire which will ask you about your lifestyle, past medical history and your specific skin concerns. You will have the option of undergoing a full facial skin analysis prior to your consultation with the doctor who will review your questionnaire, skin analysis report and then take a detailed history.

A full examination of your skin will follow and any suspicious lesions will be examined using a specialist instrument called a dermatoscope. This is a hand held device that uses polarised light to magnify an area and allows the depth of pigment to be assessed. It is the preferable method of checking a skin lesion and can often prevent the need to perform a biopsy.

You will be educated on the changes of which you must be aware of in any pre-existing moles. You will be advised of the “ABCDE rule”. Advice on lifestyle and how to protect your skin will be discussed and you will be supplied with an appropriate advice leaflet to take home.

What happens after the consultation?

If this appointment identifies any lesion that causes the doctor concern an appropriate referral can be organised quickly and efficiently. Other non-malignant lesions can be kept under regular review or can be subsequently removed in clinic using methods which may involve freezing, using the Cryopen or complete removal using a laser. These methods will be fully explained during your consultation with the doctor.

This comprehensive mole and skin check by a specialist doctor is independent of the number of moles or skin lesions you require checking, unlike many clinics who charge per lesion. Should further treatment be necessary this will incur an additional fee but will be fully detailed by the doctor.

For further information or to book an appointment please call our clinics; West Kirby 0151 625 8080 or Heswall 0151 348 4878.