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First time today at SDS. I have never had any kind of treatment before and although I knew that I wanted to have something done to make my face look fresher, I was feeling really nervous and apprehensive. There was no need to feel that way at all, the staff are great and really put me at ease. It was all explained to me in detail and I was given the different options and discussed what was best for me. In the end I decided to go for ‘Botox’ in my forehead and fillers in my mid face, I actually surprised myself as I didn’t think that I would go ahead that day as I tend to mull things over before I make a decision. I think that because I felt fully informed and completely relaxed it helped me make the right decision. I got exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to look less tired and better for my age (58). I came away feeling more confident and looking forward  to returning for another treatment to address some minor acne scarring on my chin. Thanks SDS!

Lin – Liverpool