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My Plexr Journey

What a find SDS Rejuvenate clinic was.

I had my treatment two weeks ago and “WOW” what a difference it has made my bags have gone I have my eyelids back and that’s after one treatment!

In the beginning, I was very apprehensive after all it’s my eyes! but Dr’s Ian & Sally made me feel very much at ease. Before the treatment started I had numbing cream put on my eyelids and had to lay down with my eyes closed for around 30 minutes while the cream did its job which it did very well.  Ian asked me to stare at a point on the ceiling to keep my eyes focused so that he could see where my problem was. The treatment was over very fast and although not painful I found it a little uncomfortable at times.

I had decided to have my Plexr done on the Thursday before Easter so I had a long weekend to rest before going back to work. On Friday my eyes were a little sore with a little swelling I applied the cream that Sally had given me a few times during the course of the day and also an ice pack. Saturday when I woke up I was surprised that they had not swollen any more and were feeling comfortable I continued applying the cream and ice packs. Sunday the swelling had gone my eyes were feeling really good with the little scabs were forming nicely even these were not as horrible as I had imagined and people would have had to get really close to see them. Returning to work on Tuesday no one noticed or if they did were to polite to say anything the cream is a foundation so can be mistaken for eye shadow and camouflaged fantastically.

One week later and the scabs had fallen off and although my eyes were still a little puffy it was not obvious I’d had anything done! As we were going out on Saturday evening I decided to carefully put some eye make up on. What a difference my eyes looked awake and even my hubby commented on how nice they were. At 62 I am not a spring chicken but not yet ready to stop looking as good as I can.

To say I am over the moon is an understatement! At my review two weeks later Ian has said it is totally up to me if I have another treatment done but I would have to leave it three months so plenty of time to make my decision.