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What is Saxenda Weight Loss Injection?

Saxenda, often known as the Skinny Pen, is an effective and reliable medical weight management solution containing a UK licensed, FDA-approved prescription medicine called liraglutide. The self-injected medicine should be taken once a day to control your appetite, curb your hunger and reduce any cravings.

As the only approved injectable prescription medicine available in the UK for weight loss purposes, Saxenda provides an incredibly effective weight loss solution when combined with a healthy, calorie-controlled diet. Anybody using the Skinny Pen should reduce their daily calorie intake by 500 and increase physical activity to a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

The Saxenda weight loss medication can be injected at any time of day, with or without food. As long as the medicine is taken once-daily, the weight loss injections can be taken at a time to suit you. Reduce your appetite, keep a calorie-controlled diet and achieve your weight loss goals, with Saxenda.

How does it work?

Saxenda is a revolutionary self-injectable medicine, helping you lose weight fast – and, more importantly, keep the weight off. Saxenda helps reduce your appetite and curbs any hunger or cravings. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet plan, Skinny Pen provides an incredibly effective weight loss solution.

Glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) is a naturally occurring hormone which is released in the gut after eating. Receptors in the brain are activated when GLP-1 is released, letting us know when we are “full”. The Skinny Pen contains Saxenda, a synthetic copy of GLP-1, which gives us the sensation of being full, even when you have not eaten.

Studies have shown patients treated with Saxenda achieve significantly more weight loss, and maintain that loss, compared to patients who are just dieting. Achieve your weight loss goals and keep the weight off, with Skinny Pen.

Is it safe?

Saxenda offers an effective, safe and healthy weight loss solution. Used for weight loss in the USA since 2014, Saxenda has undergone numerous rigorous clinical trials and tests, and has been fully licensed in the UK for weight loss since January 2017. The same drug, under a different trade name, has been used for patients with type 2 diabetes in the UK since 2009.

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the safety of Skinny Pen, as well as any side effects that you may experience. Alongside a healthy diet plan and daily exercise, Saxenda provides an effective, reliable and safe weight loss solution.

Can anyone be prescribed?

Saxenda is a prescription weight loss solution and can only be prescribed for you by somebody who has the legal authority to do so, such as a doctor or nurse prescriber.

Contra-indications are a  history of thyroid cancer or pancreatitis, as well as anybody with a BMI less than 28, any patients taking insulin, pregnant or breast feeding women, or anybody under the age of 18. Before purchasing Skinny Pen, you must complete a detailed medical, physical and lifestyle assessment form. This ensures that the Skinny Pen is safe for use. For best results, Skinny Pen should be used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and increased daily physical activity.

Here at SDS we offer a structured programme of treatment during which you will be monitored by a doctor/therapist team.

For more details contact clinic.