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SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa are very proud to announce that we are now registered and regulated by CQC. You can find out more by clicking the link below.

SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa Statement of Purpose


Our vision is to stay ahead in our field of expertise, whilst embracing new opportunities and being innovative. We will develop and expand whilst maintaining a high level of service and continue to work with other professionals working within our clinics to provide a center of excellence.  At SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa we ensure and demonstrate competencies and commitment to professional development and career long learning for all staff. We will promote and offer our services in a safe, regulated and appropriate clinic environment.


  • Respect and support patients and staff, and treat each individual with dignity and respect. 
  • Recognise and appreciate contributions and accomplishments of individuals.
  • To be proud of the clinic’s reputation for being a centre of excellence, with good ethics and integrity.
  • To demonstrate competence and skills and expertise. 
  • Build solid, trustworthy relationships between staff members and our patients. 
  • To offer a safe, positive, healthy experience with bespoke care.
  • Doctor led clinics offering years of experience.


  • Aim to continue and develop our clinics to provide the highest principles of safe care. 
  • To be recognised as achieving a high level of care and delivering evidence-based treatments in line with best practice and national standards. 
  • To meet the needs of both new and existing patients by offering bespoke treatment plans and cutting-edge procedures in a relaxing, discreet and easily accessible setting.
  • To ensure the emotional, rational and psychological well being of all our patients and staff are at the forefront of what we do.
  • To morally and ethically regulate ourselves, our team and practices to ensure exemplary service at all times.