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Heswall & West Kirby

Welcome to SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa


'I’ve travelled the world and I’ve visited some of the most renowned spas but I can honestly say I’ve just had the best facial in the world, literally! Thank you Lauren at SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa'.

"I recently visited the clinic with minor skin lesions which were to be removed by laser. The rooms were immaculately clean and the staff friendly and helpful. Plenty of time was given for my consultation.

I was very impressed with the extremely efficient and painless way these lesions were dealt with.Both Dr Sally and Dr Ian working together, they were so approachable and attentive to my needs, it was altogether a pleasant and interesting experience.

Another point to note is, although laser treatment might not be so expensive at 'beauty salon's', remember here you have two well qualified doctors with up the minute equipment.

"I have been coming to SDS Rejuvenate now for a  few years. I was quite nervous the first time i arrived but Ian and Sally were so warm and friendly and son put me at ease.

I now go here for Botox and any other treatment i fancy! Everyone remarks on how good i look and hey don't have a clue I've had Botox!

Dr Ian and Dr Sally make you feel as if you are visiting old friends and all the staff are lovely. I would never go anywhere else."

My Plexr Journey

What a find SDS Rejuvenate clinic was.

I had my treatment two weeks ago and "WOW" what a difference it has made my bags have gone I have my eyelids back and that's after one treatment!

In the beginning, I was very apprehensive after all it's my eyes! but Dr's Ian & Sally made me feel very much at ease. Before the treatment started I had numbing cream put on my eyelids and had to lay down with my eyes closed for around 30 minutes while the cream did its job which it did very well.  Ian asked me to stare at a point on the ceiling to keep my eyes focused so that he could see where my problem was. The treatment was over very fast and although not painful I found it a little uncomfortable at times.

I had decided to have my Plexr done on the Thursday before Easter so I had a long weekend to rest before going back to work. On Friday my eyes were a little sore with a little swelling I applied the cream that Sally had given me a few times during the course of the day and also an ice pack. Saturday when I woke up I was surprised that they had not swollen any more and were feeling comfortable I continued applying the cream and ice packs. Sunday the swelling had gone my eyes were feeling really good with the little scabs were forming nicely even these were not as horrible as I had imagined and people would have had to get really close to see them. Returning to work on Tuesday no one noticed or if they did were to polite to say anything the cream is a foundation so can be mistaken for eye shadow and camouflaged fantastically.

One week later and the scabs had fallen off and although my eyes were still a little puffy it was not obvious I'd had anything done! As we were going out on Saturday evening I decided to carefully put some eye make up on. What a difference my eyes looked awake and even my hubby commented on how nice they were. At 62 I am not a spring chicken but not yet ready to stop looking as good as I can.

To say I am over the moon is an understatement! At my review two weeks later Ian has said it is totally up to me if I have another treatment done but I would have to leave it three months so plenty of time to make my decision.

I am very pleased with the results of the work that Dr's Sally & Ian carried out to remove two cauliflower type warts from my neck. They were too large to use the Cryopen so they used a laser treatment which worked well. Both warts were removed in one session and they were very careful and reassuring during the process. The initial assessment, treatment and follow up appointment were all very clearly explained. I would recommend SDS Rejuvenate if anyone was considering having this procedure.

Loved my treatment at 24 Rodney Street from Dr Ian Jones at SDS Rejuvenate. Amazed with the results and will definitely be back for more! Highly recommended for anyone feeling nervous!

Marie - Liverpool

Having the treatment for the first time I was very wary. I chose SDS Rejuvenate as two fully qualified doctors carry out the treatments. I felt at ease throughout my treatment and consultation and I would recommend them to anyone. My treatment started to work after only 2 days. I am so happy and will be back!!

Anne - Liverpool

My friend recommended me to go to SDS Rejuvenate as she had been there before and said the doctors are very professional. She was right, they were excellent!! I have been back on a couple of occasions for different treatments. I am so pleased with the results.

Kate - Liverpool

Very professional and the free consultation and free after care is brilliant. I have recommended all my friends. Amazing!! I will be back soon.

Paula - Wirral

I first had 2 areas of anti-wrinkle injections at 24 Rodney Street after recommendation of Dr Sally Dolan by a colleague of mine. I was delighted and returned to have further treatment but this time was offered an appointment at the new West Kirby clinic, which is more convenient as I live on the Wirral. I was even offered an evening appointment, which was a real bonus. This time I had 3 areas. I felt so confident to be able to talk about my treatments and have them performed by doctors. I was offered a follow-up appointment on each occasion, but this was not required as I had the desired affect. I am so delighted now as I can grow my fringe out which I have had for the last 10 years in order to hide my wrinkles. I love the Loyalty card; it makes you feel special like a VIP. I have also met Dr Jones and I have been only too delighted to recommend both doctors and their fabulous clinics to my friends, family and colleagues.

Lisa - Heswall

I was warmly welcomed at SDS Rejuvenate. I was introduced to Doctors Sally and Ian who made me feel at ease and kept me very well informed regarding my treatment. I had a free consultation and did not feel under any pressure to go ahead with the treatment, although I did! I was offered a 2 week review if I felt I needed a review, but I did not need this as the outcome was just what I had asked for. I would highly recommend SDS Rejuvenate and I will be back soon.

Ms LO - Hoylake

I am so pleased that I had treatment at SDS rejuvenate , the whole experience was wonderful from the initial consultation to the actual treatment. I was very nervous but I didn't need to be!! I would definitely have this treatment again.

Lesley – West Kirby

I have visited SDS on two occasions and cannot wait to visit again  in the  New Year.  I am using and am fully converted to the Teosyal Advanced Filler Eye Contour  and the Notox, which really does work and has made a difference, not only to my appearance but to my confidence.

There is no hard sell just professional advice in a friendly environment.  I do not hesitate to recommend SDS to my friends.

Pamela - Wirral

Such a lovely clinic to visit, great staff, all very friendly! Most importantly... Wonderful results making you feel fabulous! Thanks SDS Rejuvenate!

SM – Wirral


I have had only 2 out of my 8 planned cavitation sessions and already I can notice the difference. I am now one notch down on the belt of my jeans - I haven't used this notch since before I was pregnant with my last child. I am focused now and look forward to being measured in another 2 weeks to see what progress I have made. So pleased that I decided to have this treatment!!

Mrs Y.S – Wallasey

After 3 sessions there has been a significant noticeable reduction. 10cm loss altogether over the 3 areas of the abdo, and so far a 5lb weight loss after only 3 sessions! The actual skin on the area is more toned and taught, also smoother in appearance and definitely a shape re-appearing! The treatments is totally pain free and very relaxing. Excited to see the final outcome after the 8th session. I would recommend the above to anyone who needs to start some weight loss or who needs to tone up and area after weight loss.

Lisa – Wirral

First time today at SDS. I have never had any kind of treatment before and although I knew that I wanted to have something done to make my face look fresher, I was feeling really nervous and apprehensive. There was no need to feel that way at all, the staff are great and really put me at ease. It was all explained to me in detail and I was given the different options and discussed what was best for me. In the end I decided to go for 'Botox' in my forehead and fillers in my mid face, I actually surprised myself as I didn't think that I would go ahead that day as I tend to mull things over before I make a decision. I think that because I felt fully informed and completely relaxed it helped me make the right decision. I got exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to look less tired and better for my age (58). I came away feeling more confident and looking forward  to returning for another treatment to address some minor acne scarring on my chin. Thanks SDS!

Lin – Liverpool

After researching Laser treatments I found SDS Rejuvenate. Dr Sally & Dr Ian made the whole experience an easier one with free consultation and plenty of pre and post advice. I decided to go ahead with the brand new treatment T3, which is for tightening, toning and re-texturing the skin. First treatment (3 weeks ago) and I can already see a difference in how my skin looks. I have another 2 treatments planned and cannot wait to see the end result. I highly recommend T3 to anyone.. I've booked my next in my lunch hour!

Ali – Wirral

After recently moving to Liverpool, I researched heavily for doctors who perform injectable procedures. I came across SDS Rejuvenate, I am now a regular visitor! Dr Sally and her husband Dr Ian, have been professional and caring, and offer all procedures to a very high standard. I have visited a few aesthetic clinics along Harley Street, London and feel most do not offer the personal service that I've received here..... I get two doctors during consultation and procedure, and would not want it any other way! I highly recommend this clinic to all!

Jayne – Liverpool

Having visited SDS on a number of occasions for Botox and a bit of filler and always been delighted with the results - I decided to ask the Dr's for their opinion at my most recent visit. They were thorough, objective and informative and suggested some filler around my chin and jawline as well as along my cheekbones. I went ahead and the results were amazing - so much so that literally whilst walking back to my car, I bumped in to an old work colleague who couldn't believe how well I looked. She was gushing with how much younger and healthier I was looking - praise indeed and only about 2 minutes after having left the clinic!! So ladies (and gents) - do ask Dr's Ian and Sally for their view - you won't be disappointed!

Anne – Wirral

After searching online for a reputable clinic for the treatment of facial thread veins, I came across SDS Rejuvenate. I booked in with Dr Sally for a free consultation. I was given all the relevant information, such as no suntan, no false tan and was informed I needed a patch test before treatment could commence. I have had two treatments and they have gone! I was warned that I may need another treatment to fully break the vein down, but it's worked perfectly. I cannot recommend this clinic, doctors, and its staff highly enough! Thank you for helping me regain my confidence - Mary xx

Mary – Cheshire

Finding SDS Rejuvenate though Heswall Magazine, I decided to call and make an appointment with Dr Sally to discuss my skin concerns. never having great skin, I was turning 50 and finding more wrinkles on a daily basis! Dr Sally recommended a whole new skin care regime, which wasn't going to break the bank, and a fantastic treatment called radio frequency skin tightening. I'm now a converted DermaQuest user and have recommended this brand to all of my friends, you cant buy this power over the counters! Thank you Dr Sally!

Julie – Heswall

I cannot believe the treatment with the laser at SDS Rejuvenate, It has eradicated my teenage sons extensive verucca! I really did not expect such amazing results with just one visit, Thank you! Incredible - I will certainly recommend this clinic and treatment to friends and family!

Sue – North West

We went to see Dr Sally to get skin tags removed off my daughters lip (she was getting picked on in school because of them). The service we received was impeccable. Sally was so caring and so professional with my daughter, she even got her nails painted with sparkly purple nail varnish and gems as she was so brave! Free of charge of course, as Sally spent time with her before hand to find out what she liked. I'd recommend SDS Rejuvenate to everyone. Fantastic Dr's, gorgeous setting and amazing staff. Thank you so much! X

Lynda – Wirral

I have never had any kind of treatment before. I had decided I wanted to have something done to my lips to up my confidence, I was feeling really nervous and apprehensive until I met Sally & Ian who put me totally at ease.What a great couple and so professional . They explained fully the options and what would happen – but more to the point they gave me exactly what I wanted.,I came away feeling more confident and upbeat.  The salon is stunning and the staff are exceptional and I am now looking forward to returning for another treatment!

Nicola – Wirral


SDS was my first visit to an aesthetics clinic. I will come back again and again because of the highly qualified and knowledgeable team. Any treatment is fully explained, so that you can make the right choice for you in an amazingly relaxed environment - I love it! Claire

Claire – Wirral

IncontiLase Testimonial  I cannot believe the results of this treatment! I admit I was sceptical, but felt I had to try something and did not feel I needed to have surgery. I had 3 treatment sessions and it was after the 2nd treatment, I began to notice the improvement. I was able to join classes in the gym that I had previously avoided. After the 3rd I was actually doing 'Bouncasize', something I would never have considered. I would have probably refused to join in! I still cannot believe I can do all exercises, I can cough, sneeze and I do not leak at all. It has revolutionised my life and I feel so much more confident in myself. The treatment sessions were quick, and relatively painless and I felt at complete ease being in the hands of doctors. It is something I will be telling all my fellow sufferers at the gym about and highly recommend the treatment, it has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much!!

Mandy – Merseyside

It has only been three treatments and I can already see the benefits. The care and sensitivity I have been shown is amazing! I was very nervous before I came and wondered if I should do hair removal, but the level of care Harriet has shown me has been fantastic. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, it is quick and virtually pain free. I only wish I had done it sooner!

Liz – Wirral

I have been having facial fillers (and a bit of botox) with Dr Ian Jones and Dr Sally-Ann Dolan for a few years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Dr. Ian is a GENIUS and never over-fills (although I have asked for a bit more on occasion and been refused - thank God!).  They know exactly what they are doing, are outstandingly professional and I have NEVER had a bruise!  The whole experience from entering to leaving the Clinic is welcoming, fun, luxurious and life changing.  They'll be wheeling me in when I'm 80! Thanks so much to you all and Good Luck with the new Heswall Clinic

Nicola – Heswall

Lash Lift - I have very fine fair coloured eyelashes. I've had this done twice at SDS and the results were amazing. Everyone I knew commented on how great they looked and for me the results lasted for over 8 weeks. Can't wait to get them done again. Would highly recommend this treatment.

Karen – Wallasey

Fotona 4D Laser Before the treatment Harriet explained what the treatment would entail and what outcomes i could expect. Throughout the treatment Harriet explained what was happening. She warned me that my face would get hot, but i was to tell her if at any time it was uncomfortable. For the final part of the treatment I was given a device to hold that blew cold air onto my face - Making the whole process much more comfortable. For a day or so after the treatment my face felt hot but not no worse than a very mild case of sunburn, which i treated with aloe vera. on the 3rd day my skin started to peel, the peeling lasted for 2 to 3 days. The result of the treatment was that my face felt firmer and plumper especially around the mouth. Lines are less obvious and open pores are very much improved. I am very happy with the results of this treatment!

Pauline – Wirral

I have been visiting SDS Rejuvenate for over 2 years for Anti-wrinkle injections with excellent results. When I first visited the clinic I was instantly put at ease with the professionalism, knowledge and expertise. The Clinic offers an extensive range of treatments including those non-surgical for all ages along with beauty care carried out by qualified and skilled staff. The range of skincare products are exceptional and I have appreciated a huge difference in my skin after having acne scaring and using the SPF 50 which is an effective sun cream and also an amazing primer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SDS Rejuvenate to anyone seeking the latest treatments and skincare products.

Nikki – Wirral

Just to thank you for the FANTASTIC treatment package (my prize from a competition I entered in Wirral Life Magazine) I received at your spa in West Kirby a few weeks ago. Professional service coupled with superb products. I will definitely be back. Take care. X

M – Wirral

I am so in love with my lips! Felt really comfortable and calmed with the Doctors, Thank You!

Sarah – West Kirby

Loved my experience with SDS. Friendly and professional, I can't wait for my next visit!

Lorna – Heswall

I feel absolutely confident and I feel safe in the hands of these professional expert hands!

Helen – Heswall

Feel relaxed and comfortable in this gorgeous environment. All staff are really knowledgeable and helpful! I come here for all my treatments now from my nails to dermal fillers! It's a one stop shop!

Ann – Heswall