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Semi-Permanent Lashes from £45.
Eyelash extensions create a longer, thicker and fuller look that women desire. 3D-Lashes can last up to 2 months and are weightless on the eyes. Resistant to water; showering, perspiration, tears and swimming.
Designed to thicken and lengthen your natural eyelashes, 3D-Lash extensions are nothing like traditional false lashes, which are produced in clumps of about 5 or 6 and are stuck to your own lashes with self adhesive and generally only last a few days. 3D Lashes are individual which are applied to each of your own lashes to give a fabulous natural look.
Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous growth cycle, the average cycle is 90 days.
Whilst some lashes may last for weeks and weeks, we would recommend maintenance treatment every 2 to 3 weeks. A patch test is required for this treatment 48 hours beforehand.

We offer a wide range of beauty treatments in clinic including;
Eye treatments – Eyelash & Eyebrow tint, Lash treatments; 3D Lashes, weekend lashes, Strip lashes and Lash Lift
Nail treatments – Shellac, Vinylux, Acrylic, Manicure, Pedicure
Waxing treatments – Brow, Lip, Chin, Underarm, Leg, Bikini, Hollywood, Brazilian
Spray Tan – St Tropez or Skinny Tan
If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to call us on 0151 625 8080.

Lash lift works by lifting each lash from the root individually adding the appearance of volume; thus lengthening your own eyelashes. This creates the appearance of longer, thicker lashes, plus adding a tint creates a mascara style effect, so your lashes are perfect all day long!
We recommend this treatment for anyone who wants a more natural look. The effects are instant and can last 6-8 weeks. Treatment can take approximately 1 hour and we suggest you call into clinic for a patch test 48 hours before you wish to undergo treatment, safety fist!
If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions regarding this treatment, please call 0151 625 8080.

Shelby offers makeup artistry at our clinics. She is highly talented and can apply makeup for all occasions, and can travel to your home or venue. If you would like a trial, colour match or would simply like to speak with Shelby regarding your requirements, please call 0151 625 8080.

Gemma Kennelly is a Semi Permanent make-up artist who offers her services through SDS Rejuvenate at our West Kirby and Liverpool clinics. Gemma is fully qualified, licensed, insured, and has over 17 years experience in the beauty industry. She has specialised in permanent make-up for the last 5 years and is continuously updating her training to keep up to date with all the latest techniques. She is highly passionate about her work and creating the ‘perfect’ look to compliment your colouring and features.
Permanent/Semi Permanent Make-up
This is sometimes called or referred to as the same thing, the art of implanting pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Gemma offers this procedure for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour. Having permanent make-up can save you time trying to get your brows symmetrical and getting your eyeliner even. It is a great solution for hair loss or sparse brows. You can see full features and benefits here

Some of the services offered are;
Eyebrows – 3 different types of brow treatments
Hairstroke Brows – Implanting pigment to mimic hairstrokes to give the appearance of a full natural brow
Powdered Brows – Implanting pigment to mimic brow powder/pencil for a more ‘made-up’ look
Combination Brows – Using both techniques to give a naturally defined brow

Eyeliner – Implanting pigment along the lash line to form eyeliner. This can be done on both upper and lower eyelids with different thicknesses according to your specific needs.
Lip Liner and Blush – Implanting pigment to give your lips a splash of colour or to add definition to your lip line. This can give your lips the appearance of more volume and definition. This treatment can be carried out in your favourite colour or using your natural lip colour to define receding lip line.

For more information on all of these treatments please go to or call Gemma on 07780 141 411. Gemma offers free consultations at both clinics!

Using either St Tropez or Skinny Tan, we can give you a summer glow all year round! We know not everyone likes or suits one colour so we have a few different shades to choose from! You can book yours now for £20.00 only!
Don’t forget our spray tan Thursday’s where you can get your tan for just £12!

Threading is an ancient eyebrow shaping and hair removal technique originating from Asia. Kinder to the skin than alternative methods, leading to finer, softer and smoother regrowth; shaped to complement your facial features. We also offer tinting treatments, giving extra depth and body to your eyebrows and eyelashes.
Threading treatments are available at both clinics and take between 10-15 minutes depending on the are being treated. We recommend visits every 3-4 weeks; we’d love to see you back!