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Here at SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa we cover every aspect of skincare. We offer a range of cosmeceutical skin care products for problems such as acne, rosacea, and anti-ageing. These products are available in a choice of formulations which means we can make sure that you go home with the products that will best complement and enhance your skin.

The products in our clinic are selected and clinically proven, containing pharmaceutical amounts of ingredients opposed to the many high street big brands which actually and usually contain much smaller loads of key ingredients. Our products cannot be purchased on the high street and are available via aesthetic clinics and professional spa’s only.

Using Observ skin surface imaging we are able to carry out a skin and complexion analysis that uses multi-spectral imaging to look under the surface of your skin to reveal damage and signs of ageing that the human eye may not be able to see yet. This service is free of charge


Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients to enhance skincare efficacy. These products are designed to improve skin health and repair damage that causes specific skin conditions and visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and hyperpigmentation. These products offer a bridge between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics – and they are backed by medically accepted science that proves their efficacy.

SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa Skin Care by Dr Sally

We believe that skin care is an absolutely vital part of your health and well being, after all, the search for great skin is what brought you here. Our SDS Skincare range is technically formulated by scientists & renowned skincare professionals of the highest calibre and is abundant with proven ingredients.

Using skin care products on a regular basis is one of the best ways to ensure your skin stays healthy and you will love our products with instant results, gorgeous textures and amazing long-term benefits.

We’re all different, so why buy something that isn’t tailor-made for you and your skin? Our skin care range was designed to cover each type of skin. From oily to dry or ageing, we’ve got the product for you.

No Animal By-Products

Not tested on Animals

Made in Great Britain

Parabens Free

Vegan Friendly

Here at SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa we have helped many patients achieve impressive results with the Obagi System of products. They include prescription and non-prescription formulations designed to penetrate the skin at a deep level and accelerate cell turn over. Used correctly and consistently, Obagi’s products can transform the skin’s appearance by correcting underlying damage. The result? healthy, younger-looking skin.

Why Obagi?

Ageing is natural, but outside influences take their toll too; daily sun exposure, stress and pollutants all contribute, slowing the turnover of damaged cells. This exacerbates fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and sun spots, uneven skin tone, loss of hydration and elasticity. Obagi products are clinically proven to help address these issues and improve the appearance of your skin. These and other products work together as a system to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface facilitating the skin’s natural restoration and rejuvenation, Obagi can help uncover healthier skin and contribute to a more radiant complexion.

Can I Buy Obagi over the counter?

No. Obagi products contain prescription-grade ingredients. As such, they are available only through a licensed clinic. Never purchase Obagi products through unauthorised channels.

How do I find out more?

Call clinic and book a free skin consultation with one of our Obagi Ambassadors.


Why we use Oxygenetix

Greater healing

The light and breathable formula with Ceravitae™ continually introduces oxygen to the skin. This speeds skin cell production of collagen and elastin, clears up skin conditions, helps heals wounds and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh.

Protection, safety and assurance

Patients feel reassured knowing these products are safe for every skin type. They’ve been allergy, bacteria and non-comedogenic tested. And SPF30 helps to keep your skin protected without irritation.


Oxygenating Foundation, Acne Control Foundation & Oxgenetix Moisturiser  that works like a virtual breathable second skin…

Post surgery and cosmetic procedures

Sensitive skin following cosmetic procedures can put your lifestyle on hold while healing. However, the tell-tale signs of surgery and cosmetic procedures can be lessened and camouflaged by using Oxygenetix gentle, soothing foundation.

Confidence in their skin

Oxygenetix gives you confidence! We can immediately conceal signs of treatment. While providing peace of mind that the healing process has already begun. Available in 14 shades, scientifically formulated to blend perfectly and enhance natural skin tones.



Of all the steps in your skin care routine, applying sunscreen before you step out the door is the most important so it makes sense to go for quality, clinically proven and trustworthy formulas that will keep your skin safe in the sun.

Heliocare provides such formulas and is a brand completely dedicated to protecting to the skin from the sun’s rays, environmental stressors and free radicals. Every product in the range is developed using mineral and non-mineral filters to prevent UVA and UVB rays wreaking havoc on the tone and underlying structure of the skin. But what makes Heliocare products so special is their innovative ingredient Fernblock™ which is extracted from a particularly clever fern known as Polypodium Leucotomos. Found in Central America, it has developed the amazing ability to protect itself against photo-damage and stress caused by the sun’s rays. By harnessing this impressive power, Heliocare products are able to protect human DNA within the cells against destruction which makes maintaining a smooth, plump complexion easy.

Alongside their range of cream, gel and fluid sunscreens, Heliocare offer a range of tinted formulas for those who hate the idea of going bare-faced at the beach. They have also expanded the range to include a concise selection of 360° formulas, which provide the same UVA/UVB and DNA protection as the core products in the range, with the added benefit of being able to block High-Energy Visible Light (HEV) – the type of rays emitted from computer screens and smartphones – as well as defending against Infrared-A Radiation.


ZENii skin fusion is an incredible blend of high strength marine collagen (10,000mg),hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a highly bioavailable liquid form. It is the ultimate in anti-ageing and skin health support. It’s ideal for anyone looking to press pause on the ageing process and to boost the strength, quality and quantity of their collagen.

Ideal for: Anti-ageing, skin health, skin repair, nail strength, hair strength.

“Skin Fusion is one of our most popular supplements. It delivers and performs on so many levels but is most popular with our patients interested in anti-ageing because it delivers results” – Dr Tracy Mountford, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Voted Best Anti-Ageing Drink 2020 and 2021 – Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards.

Clean Beauty. Powerful Results.

Using the highest-quality minerals available and organic ingredients, the full line of high-performance, cruelty-free, skincare makeup enhances your natural beauty and nourishes your skin. As a clean beauty brand, Jane Iredale makeup and skincare products are free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, and GMO ingredients. Creating products that look good, feel fantastic and keep your skin healthy. All products are clinically tested, allergy tested, and sensitivity tested to ensure superior quality every time, so you can use the products knowing they are safe and have not been tested on animals.

If you are looking for a mineral makeup range that’s kind to your skin and kind to the planet, you can’t go past Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. Using only the highest quality minerals and predominantly organic ingredients, the Jane Iredale range will nourish your skin and enhance the beauty within using colour correction. Giving you perfect performance, coverage, application and texture every time you apply.

This range is perfect for those with sensitivities. Who need the healing and soothing benefits in their makeup products and being non-comedogenic, as it ensures pores remain clear; recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals around the world, this natural mineral makeup offers a great range of products for both day and night. With the busy lives we lead these days, the Jane Iredale range focuses on making you look and feel your best in the shortest space of time.