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CQC Registration!

CQC Registration!

During lockdown and whilst clinics were closed, we worked very hard behind the scenes to gain our CQC registration. “Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration, is like scaling a mountain. It can be strenuous, painful, sometimes tedious, yet hopefully culminating in a triumphant summit”, is how one doctor described the process in an article in a well-known aesthetic magazine

This doctor was not wrong. We climbed the mountain! It took us three weeks to reach the summit and our hard work paid off. We are very proud to announce that SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa clinics now hold CQC status following a stringent process, demonstrating the clinic’s commitment to the highest standards of patient care, safety and ethics. The challenges of CQC registration and inspection involves copious P-words (paperwork, processes, policies, procedures, pain and panic).

SDS Rejuvenate MediSpa is one of the very few doctor led aesthetic clinics on the Wirral to have achieved the CQC’s stamp of approval. This means that patients can be assured that they are visiting a medical establishment which operates to the highest possible standards that the CQC requires. We are regularly inspected and insured, creating a safe medical environment.

Why did we register? Unlike GP and dental clinics, aesthetic clinics are not automatically required to register with CQC; so why did we voluntarily take on this challenge? We believe it is essential to set and follow aspirational standards that improve quality of care and promote patient confidence. For us it is delivery of optimal patient care, our drive for continuous improvement and quality that make for a better practice with benefits to confidence and cohesion within the team.  It was during one of the zoom meetings that one of the girls said that this has been a real team building exercises and morale boosting.

Aesthetic treatments are largely unregulated at present but that is expected to change very soon and this puts us a step ahead of the game. Our registration sends out a very clear message to our clients that we perform to the highest standards. To become regulated by the CQC you have to show evidence for everything you do, from your health and safety protocols to how you manage and run a sterile clinic.

We are all going to return to a ‘new normal’. This new normal will require us to be conscientious of cleanliness, hygiene and all government Covid-19 precautions. To this end we decided to take it one step further and engage in an innovative antimicrobial bio-static surface protection spray. This increases the hygiene safety of our premises at both Heswall and West Kirby provided by Quinnovations.

We cannot wait to see you all at clinic, we dearly miss our patients! I am sure all other professionals alike and every other business cannot wait to return to work. In these unprecedented times it is now more important than it ever has been to work together and support one another.