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Spring Skincare Products With Dr Sally

Spring Skincare Products with Dr Sally

Whilst most of us have got a handle on switching our winter wardrobe, too many of us forget to listen to the changing needs of our skin. Although spring and summer may still seem like months away, it is never too early to start prepping your skin. 

After months of harsh weather our skin is in dire need of a beauty revamp. The question is which products should we be using, and which should we be avoiding.  To help you decide what to shop for in the spring weather here are my top tips for updating your skin care routine to get that glow back.

Exfoliating Scrub

Winter weather does not exactly show off glowing skin but as spring arrives it is much easier to achieve that radiant look. During the winter months too much exfoliation can strip moisture from the skin leaving it looking irritated and dry. However, now is the time to use a gentle exfoliating scrub which will leave your skin looking smooth and radiant. For this reason I advise using SDS Glow; our formula is designed for use twice weekly and will leave your skin looking younger, smoother with a radiant glow. SDS Glow, contains Glycolic acid 5%, Natural Quartz mineral and Vitamin E for extra clean skin. It can be used on all skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin.

Moisturising and Hydrating

In winter our skin drinks up the hydration from thick moisturisers and face creams. In the spring and summer our skin naturally produces more oil and retains moisture better than in the colder months, so swapping to something a little lighter is ideal. A product rich in Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is recommended. HA is a powerful skincare ingredient that can help retain moisture and attract water. SDS Hydrate contains 15% HA, use this on a twice daily basis. 

Repair the skin cells

It’s time to fight with what we were born with. Support the skins own protection and repair mechanism to counteract the signs of ageing with SDS H2∞ moisturiser. Focused on optimising cell renewal and preserving the skin barrier from environmental agents, its anti-inflammatory and reparative properties soothe irritation caused by cold weather. It also facilitates the repair of damaged cells and has superior skin healing capabilities. SDS H2∞ moisturiser contains growth factors for a youthful appearance.

Add in anti-oxidants

Whilst anti-oxidants are helpful all year round, they are particularly important during the summer when stronger UV rays can damage unprotected skin. Not only can too much sun lead to direct DNA damage, but also breaks down collagen and elastin due to ultraviolet induced free radicals. Free radicals, highly destructive molecules in the environment, can wreak havoc on your skin. Apply an anti-oxidant serum after cleansing your face and underneath sun screens, as this can help strengthen your skin barrier to make it less susceptible to these environmental factors. Try our maximum strength SDS C20 for anti-oxidant protection and to aid in skin repair. 

Cut down on Retinol

The fountain of youth potion that promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen the skin barrier and even out your skin tone is safe to use all year round but can make your skin more sun sensitive. This hyper sensitivity has to do with the way the retinol works on your skin. Retinol boosts cell turnover, which means it eliminates dead skin cells and replaces it with new ones. These new cells are more sensitive and prone to burning from the sun’s rays. You can still use retinol during the spring and summer months but just apply this at bed time and consider reducing the percentage of retinol. For this reason we offer a lower 0.5% retinol product in our SDS Recover night cream.

Increase protection from the sun

Along with the warmer weather comes longer days with more frequent and more intense sunshine. While every dermatologist and doctor will tell you the importance of wearing sunscreen all year round, they agree that it is even more important during the spring and summer as not only do we spend more time outside but the UVA and UVB rays can be more intense and over time can cause significant damage and accelerate photo ageing, hyper pigmentation and wrinkles.  Using an SPF20 minimum, as in our SDS Protect 20 or SPF50 ideally in our SDS Protect 50, can reduce the accumulation of chronic UV damage that it linked to non-melanoma skin concern and ageing. 

There are many products out there that are presented as a sure-fire way to turn back the clock, permanently rid your skin of wrinkles, give you youthful skin, and more. Pay attention and do your research to decide whether a product is really necessary.

If in doubt, book a free skin analysis consultation and let us guide you on the products most suitable for your skins needs.

If you would like to purchase any of our SDS products you can do so at either our Heswall or West Kirby clinic, order over the phone or via email; You can even try before buy, call in to clinic and we can give you a sample of any of our products!